Friday, May 25, 2012


Last Thursday, SV akak telah email akak. In fact dia email akak hari2. Clust Sv akak!
Eh, bakal jah!
So dia suruh tulis 10 line paragraph titled '

'My Research Interests and Aspiration for the PhD Degree'

So akak pon feeling2 tulis 10 line sahajork dengan english merapu. Mai akak copy paste apa akak tulis.
I am F****** from Malaysia. Currently working as Research Assistant in University Putra Malaysia. I plan to do PHD in Control System under supervision of Dr AZ specifically in Automatic Control System. He is the perfect person that I could refer to in Automatic Control System field especially in Robust Control System. Apart of he has published many high impact journals and cited many other researchers he is also associate editor of well known journal publisher.
Sussex is the perfect University to do research in Control System since they have research group in Automotive Dynamics and Control Group which already established in Control System field. Sussex has good environment to live with many facilities for international student to adapt with the new different environment that our country. Sussex also has a good ranking in RAE which is important for my scholarship application in Malaysia. I really hope that I could be part of Control Research team in University of Sussex.

Pastu kan uolllsss...Tadi eh semalam jugak dia reply tapi akak baru reply hari inih. Dia reply dengan membuat satu essay baru untuk akak, mai akak copy paste lagik.

My name is F**, and currently work as Research Assistant at the University Putra Malaysia. Recently, I have applied funding from the Malaysian government to advance my career and in this context my plan is to study for a PHD in the area of Control Systems. My aspiration is to progress by standing a challenging subject in the area of Control Systems, and I had a careful survey on opportunities offered in the UK. After careful consideration, I have decided to apply for a PhD under the supervision of Dr AZ. Dr AZ offers a set of interesting and challenging research subjects in the area of suspensions, reliability and sensor optimisation on complex engineering systems (tilting train related and reliability of interconnected systems), he is a well known academic internationally in the area of Control -in particular Robust Control Systems-, and he has published many high impact journal publications with his research work being cited by a number of other researchers.
Studying for a PhD in the Department of Engineering (School of Engineering and Informatics at Sussex is one more important reason for me. Sussex is a very well known University, not a surprise that appears on a number of international ranking tables. I was intrigued when browsing the Research related pages on the level and excellence of research done in the School, the kind of interdisciplinary research ventures that exist and the different Research groups. It was worth noting the well established work in the Automotive Dynamics and Control Group and Sensor Technology, fields that are intertwined to Control Systems. Sussex offers a nice and rewarding environment to live, with many facilities for an international student to quickly adapt to a different environment from the one I am used to. Most importantly Sussex being one of the top universities in the UK rankings is an advantage for my scholarship application in Malaysia. I really hope that my application will be accepted and I will have the unique opportunity to work as a researcher in Sussex.

Nampak tak? nampak tak ? berbezanya ayat aku dengan ayat dia??
Terus akak tutup mulut. Oh! my English!!!

Cemana nak dapat Ielts 6.5 nihh??

Tapi akak respest la Dr AZ nih rajen pulak membetulkan essay akak itteww.. Kalau ado orang lain harus dia reply balik. Do some correction!



Anonymous said...

Terok nya English kau! Padan lah SV saket hati nak baca and teros buat major correction! *mati lahhhh proposal draft 10 kali hantar!

Anonymous said...

salam ilot...
akk pulak yg teruja bila awk nak blaja kat UK lagi...akk pun tgh cari2 sponsor ke sana...tapi macam susah je laluannya...btw, akk jumpa link ni where u can try to apply kalau nak buat IELTS free...:)mcm sponsor gitu tapi kena tanya detaila kalau nak apply kan.
cepat tau deadline next month.
all the best beb...nak apply kat essex jugaklah...boleh kita jadik geng..:)

monstorious wife said...

ooo..yg tu tahu, aritu pegi british council ada dia advertise tapi dia bagi 10k sajork. tak cukup nak bayar yuran pon.